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About Sodic Garden 

At Sodic Garden Recreation & Event Center, We take a  great pride in our mission of "Enhancing the lives of residents, serve as stewards of Village resources, and foster a sense of community by providing diverse and open space recreational facilities and programs. We are a free-standing purpose built restaurant, bar, recreation, and event center that offers great and memorable dining experience. With carefully selected oriental dishes, seasoned chefs, and professional staff complement each other in making a visit to Sodic Garden worth the while. One of the remarkable experiences we have is the aroma of knowledge that stems from knowing what exactly satisfies an appetite. For us the secret is not far-fetched, we have been able to carve a veritable niche for ourselves. We are located in the heart of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. We invite you to come & have a great dining experience with us.

  • Restaurant (Local Food)
  • Ice Cream & Cocktails
  • Grills & Fries
  • Sports (Table tennis & Others)
  • Drinks & Bar
  • Gyms & Aerobic (Coming Soon)
  • Children Playing Ground
  • Hangout & Village Square
  • Events Center
  • Exhibition & Seminar
  • Trade Fair


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