Object of Desire: A Sustainable, Stylish Garden Room

If you’re looking to build a gardening shed, home office, music studio, lady lair, man cave, or any other standalone small structure for your personal pursuit of choice, and sustainability is important to you (and in these dire times, it should be to everyone), we’ve found a company that specializes in constructing outbuildings that marry modern style with planet friendliness. UK-based workroom‘s tasteful offerings even come with a green roof and sheep’s wool insulation.

Photography via @ukworkroom.

Above: The company was founded by Jack Shaw, a furniture maker, carpenter, and designer. Workroom offers a single-occupancy structure as well as a version for double occupancy. Both feature ethical sheep’s wool insulation, ethical sheep’s wool carpeting, and double-glazed windows.
Above: The wood used is FSC-certified, meaning the timber is sourced from well-managed forests. On the roof is a covering of sedum, which helps further insulate the structure.
Above: The company says it’s a landfill-free company: 98 percent of the waste created gets recycled or repurposed, and the rest is turned into fuel to heat the workshop.
Above: Contact workroom for pricing, which includes interior finishes, even the paint and thermally lined curtains.

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