Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Editors’ Picks Edition

Gardenista writers are, by and large, avid gardeners and nature enthusiasts—which makes them especially qualified to recommend gift ideas for the mom in your life who follows the ups and downs of her plants as fervently as the paparazzi obsesses over the Kardashians. Here are their brilliant ideas (some practical, others whimsical) for garden-themed Mother’s Day presents:

Joy’s Picks

Above: “The fewer tools I need to carry, the better,” which is why Joy recommends gifting a Hori Hori knife if she doesn’t already have one. “It’s the best multifunction tool for the garden. It can be used to weed, saw off small branches, plant seeds, and measure planting depth.” Barebones’ Hori Hori Knife is $30 at Goodee.
Above: “This gardening pouch is great for harvesting apples to zucchinis and everything else in between. I like having two hands free to harvest tomatoes and it’s easier on my back too!” The Joey Apron is $35.95.
Above: “I like this notebook from Paula & Waffle because of its size and shape—it’s long and narrow to fit a summer’s worth of notes.” One side has a chart to keep track of planting information (care information, planting date, germination date,  etc.) and the other side is left blank for sketches. The Bountiful Garden Gardening Log Notebook is $18.

Marie’s Picks

Above: “What is more delicately or deliciously scented than citrus blossoms? To capture that scent, infuse the blossoms overnight in vodka to make unique bitters, or soak them in a simple syrup before straining (keep the syrup in the refrigerator),” recommends Marie. An order of 100 Citrus Blossoms (harvested and shipped the same day) is $55 from Flavors by Bhumi.
Above: “A seed pack sampler of late summer flowers to sow in May: hyacinth bean; scarlet runner bean; sunflower; Torch Mexican sunflower; Nicotiana ‘Peace Pipe’. These annuals relish warmer soil temperatures.” Packets start at $1.89 at Botanical Interests.
Above:  “The finger lime tree (Citrus australasica), an Australian citrus, makes fascinating fruit whose lime ‘caviar’ is delicious in drinks or as a citrusy garnish for fish dishes, oysters, or sweet desserts. Unlike some citrus trees (I’m looking at you, Meyer lemon), it is fairly low-maintenance and just asks for a sunny windowsill in hard winters.” A Finger Lime Tree plant is $38 from Four Winds Growers.

Kier’s Picks

Above:”I bought Microgreens Hemp Mats (£4.99) and Bamboo Seed Tray (£7.99) for my mom, because we were recently talking about the health benefits of microgreens. What I love is that the natural hemp mats make the process dirt-free. Plus, when you’re done growing a batch, the mat is compostable.” Kier packaged the kit with a packet of Superfoods Baby Greens Seeds ($3.99) from Botanical Interests.

Clare’s Picks

Above: “It would be impossible not to have a neat filing system with the gorgeous letter trays and box files made by Cambridge Imprint. These hand-made boxes come in a variety of botanical-themed papers including dandelions and oak leaves.” Cambridge Imprint uses FSC-certified paper. This Dandelion File Box is £42.
Above: “I was given a set of Ichendorf’s incredible and delicate cactus glasses a couple of years ago and they are always a talking point at the table—each one has a colorful cactus inside.” A set of six Maison Margaux Cactus Glasses is £84.

Kendra’s Picks

Above:  Kendra recommends giving a flower-obsessed mom a kenzan (the Japanese version of a flower frog). “A kenzan gives purpose to all those wide vases that people collect but which don’t seem to hold anything easily. As soon as you can get around the idea of impaling a flower (which has already been cut, so it shouldn’t be an issue), a kenzan will turn anyone into an instant florist.” Niwaki’s Kenzans start at $10.
Above: Pair the kenzans with a Kenzan Straightener, which can both clean and straighten the prongs. Each straightener comes with a charming bell; $7.50 from Niwaki.

Fan’s Picks

Above: “I’ve been looking for summery versatile clogs that can go from garden to town, and these fit the bill.” Italian Garden Clogs, in Meyer Lemon, are $68 at GardenHeir.
Above: “My hands are forever roughed-up and dry. I’d love to try this hand cream bar—it’s essentially lotion in solid form—which comes in a cute little tin.” Edinburgh Natural Skincare Co.’ Gardeners Hand Lotion Bar is C$18 at Minka.

Annie’s Picks

Above: Annie “spotted this on Toast and fell in love with it.” This Flower Press is made in Scotland from FSC-certified wood; £42 at Toast.

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